lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

Names Of Indians With Swiss Bank Accounts

"Whistle-Blower" Threatens To Leak Names Of Indians With Swiss Bank Accounts

Tom Burroughes
Group Editor in London

Hindustan Times
6 December 2011

News Analysis
Julian Assange, founder of the website WikiLeaks, said he might reveal names of Indians holding secret Swiss bank accounts next year, media reports said.
In particular, Assange said the information would "affect India" and replied "yes" when asked if he would reveal names of Indians holding Swiss accounts, reports said.
But he refused to divulge more details because Rudolf Elmer, the former Julius Baer banker who allegedly provided Assange with relevant information, is already facing legal action.
"For that [Rudolf Elemer] reason, unfortunately, I cannot speak about information related to Swiss accounts in great detail... we must protect our people," Assange said.
His activities have raised questions about the security of data held in private banks in Switzerland and other locations. (To view an article about the broader issues raised by Assange’s activities and the Rudolf Elmer case, click here).
He also, in the words of one news report in the International Business Times of India, made some “further astonishing revelations about Swiss secrets and the 'hacking' and 'hijacking' of data," when talking about India's National Technical Research Organization - a group he compared with the US National Security Agency.

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