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real-world economics review

real-world economics review

sanity, humanity and science --- formerly the post-autistic economics review --- ISSN 1755-9472

Issue no. 54, 27 September 2010 back issues at
Subscribers: 11, 626 from over 150 countries

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In this issue:

Cognitive dissonance, the Global Financial Crisis and 2

the discipline of economics

Adam Kessler download pdf

Manifesto of the appalled economists
download pdf 19

Deleveraging is America ’s future 32

Steve Keen download pdf

Heterodox lessons from the crisis 41

Korkut Alp Ertürk download pdf

The epistemology of economic decision making 47

Lewis L. Smith download pdf

Ricardian “comparative advantage” is illusory 62

John Duffield download pdf

Could the money system be the basis of a sufficiency economy? 79

Mary Mellor download pdf

How to bring economics into the 3rd millennium by 2020 89

Edward Fullbrook download pdf


The operative word here is "somehow" 103

Herman Daly download pdf

Go forth and observe: An answer to Radford’s question 104

Merijn Knibbe download pdf

Past Contributors, etc. 108


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